Application Guidelines

FREDIA’s philanthropic resources will be given to worthy projects that are in line with our areas of interest, which include: education, water supply, electricity, health and hygiene, cultural preservation, economic empowerment, appropriate technology transfer, farm-to-market programs. Grants will be awarded with the distinct expectation of measurable outcomes. Some grants will be initiated by FREDIA.


Grant Requirements

  • FREDIA will consider requests submitted by organizations that have a tax-exempt classification under Sections 170(c) or 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, or the equivalent federal designation in another country.
  • Grants will be awarded to organizations that have demonstrated competent management in the past and have a history of delivering results.
  • Grant recipients must be willing to measure and report results.
  • FREDIA is focused on funding organizations in Africa but will also work to connect members of the African diaspora with Africa


The Process

Organizations or educational institutions wishing to submit proposals to FREDIA should send a two-page Letter of Inquiry. If the proposal is of interest to FREDIA, additional information will be requested. The letter should include the following information:


  • A statement describing the mission of the organization, the amount of funds requested
  • A brief description of the problem to be addressed, the proposed solution and how the funds awarded by FREDIA will be used.
  • Proposed project budget, with all other anticipated sources of income
  • Plans to measure and evaluate program results;
  • Name, address and telephone number of the project’s contact person


Mail completed application and proposal


Bill Jong-Ebot

Executive Director
Foundation for Rural and Economic Development in Africa

612 SW 168 Lane, Suite A

Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

Email: or


Review Process

Proposals will be reviewed quarterly and will be based on the following criteria:


Purpose – A specific description of how goals and tasks will be achieved and how funds will be spent, including a budget.


Sustainability – Project should be realistic and concrete. It must be evident that the organization has the additional funding sources, manpower, community support and the time to achieve their goals.


Financial Stability – The organization must demonstrate a history of overall financial stability.


Accountability and Results – Evidence that major gifts requiring milestones will be monitored, met and reported back to FREDIA for continued review. All major awards will require a semi-annual and a final report at the project’s completion, outlining how the funds were spent, as well as detailing the overall achievements for the project.


Site Visits – FREDIA’s board members may not visit all recipients of grants but such visits will be possible in some cases and may occur prior to prior to gifting, during the gifting period and following the project’s completion.